Business | Project Loans

Business | Project Loans..
Complicated financial structures and tax efficient corporate re-structure is not for everyone. Sometimes all we need is a simple business loan without the hassle, head-ache and high interest rates often associated with high street and main-stream bank loans and overdrafts.

Aside from being expert at creating dynamic and efficient financial facilities and bespoke […]

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SBLC Monetization

BG | SBLC Monetization
HICL Securities are experts in the monetization of Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other financial instruments. We are partners with lenders, issuers and funders globally who offer a complete range of non-recourse and recourse funding and trade programs. Loan funds must be secured against cash backed Guarantees. […]

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How can I use this vehicle to raise capital?
Securitisation is the creation of asset backed securities. These are debt securities that are backed by a stream of cash flow. Typical debt securities may include;

Residential & Commercial Mortgages and Real Estate Leases
Consumer Assets such as Personal Loans, Vehicle Hire Purchase and Credit Card Receivables

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Investment Funding

Investment Funding
What is investment funding?
Investment funding is the capital provided by the private and government organizations to the SMEs and start ups, for investment purposes. Investment funding is a risky decision as the investor may have to incur severe losses from failure of the project.

We have Private Investors, banks, Institutional Investors who are seeking for […]

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