HELIOS aside from being expert at creating dynamic and efficient financial facilities and bespoke corporate financing, we are also expert at providing facilities for straight-forward, simple business loans.
From time to time it is necessary for any business to locate and secure additional capital from outside their usual network such as their bankers and shareholders. There is a myriad of reasons why businesses need to attract immediate and simple business loans without the thrills and spills of complex high-finance.

Most of these reasons relate to growing the business in some way. Other reasons may be for fixing temporary cash-flow problems or pulling the business through a lull patch.
o Loans may be granted as secured debt, utilizing existing assets (or values held within the assets) as security.
o Loans may be secured over stocks and shareholdings of the business.
o Additional Funds may be injected for a fixed term as Equity with Equity Buy-Out Arrangements being made in advance.
o Funds can be raised through the offering of secured debentures

The first thing to understand is that qualifying for a business line of credit is not easy. Lending institutions have various criteria that you and your company have to meet in order to qualify.
The bottom line is that banks lend money based on the three C’s: Cash flow, Collateral, and Credit score. You and your company must have all three.

Client must have a Collateral Security with a top rated bank. The Lender Bank do not issue unsecured loan. Loans must be secured upon a Bank Instrument (BG/SBLC), which has to act as the collateral to secure the Credit Facility which must be pre-approved and opened for client in the Lender Bank.

HELIOS will setup CREDIT FACILITY via their Lender bank in favor of qualifying Clients. Client must have a Loan/Credit Facility in order to access funding. These Facilities must be collateralized by a Bank Instrument or Guarantee; before the Lender bank agrees to release funding and working capital in line with the Loan/Credit Facility Terms. HELIOS through our Lender Network/Funders will facilitate and open these Facilities for our Clients; read MONETIZATION for more info.

For more info and to request for full procedure and terms to set up by contacting HELIOS support.

Use the link here to view brochure.

Business/Credit Facility requires review of need for facility and credit decision so, contact the support team via our inquiry form; to obtain full procedure and application.

Provide Business Loan

We have provided loans for business over four decades now and have come to perfect our
funding process to provide business loans in record time. We will get you funded fast.
Our lenders are the senior credit officers at the major private funds, finance companies, private lenders that can accommodate your specific financing requirements and want your business.

Loans are secured against a Bank Guarantee / Bond as the collateral to secure the Credit Line/Loan facilities. Funding will be availed through discount or monetization of these Guarantees to avail funding. (click MONETIZATION for more info).
Loan amount is between USD/EUR 5 mil to USD/EUR 500mil.

Funding is provided to business across sectors with particular focus on  (LOAN APPLICATION FORM)

  • infrastructure,
  • Renewable energy,
  • Agriculture
  • Petroleum
  • Trade
  • Construction and Development projects.