What is Private Placement Program?

Our Private Placement Program is geared towards the corporate/ high net worth clients, and managed through our network of bankers; private investment platforms. The investor however, is free to use the profits as they desire.

Private Placement simply involves buying and selling prime bank notes in Europe and Asia. At any given time some European and Asian banks must liquidate bank notes and will sell their notes at a discount. Other banks are cash rich and wish to add to their note portfolio and will pay a premium for these bank notes. Private Placement is the instrument by which these trades take place. Private Placement Platforms only trade prime bank notes by arbitrage. What arbitrage means is that the buy and sell contracts have to be “in hand” before the trade of the discounted bank notes take place. This is the safest way to trade the bank notes. This is all done by the trader for the Private Placement Platform. Since in the Private Placement Program traders only buy notes when they have a buyer at a higher price every trade has a net positive gain due to the “controlled trading” practices. There is zero risk to the Private Placement Platform traders, zero risk to the bank, and zero risk to the investor.

During the Private Placement activity the investor’s capital stays in their own bank account at all times. The investor’s funds are never traded, never accessed, never touched in any way. Thus there is zero risk to the investor’s bank account capital.

The only purpose for Investors is leasing a BG or Buying a BG through a Provider, That is if your bank will not Issue directly for You.


In general, these programs (Private investment programs-PPP and Buy – Sell Trading Programs) get a very high profit compared to the common benefit available to traditional investments Most people do not believe that a yield of 50% to 100% a week is possible. It is more a problem of knowledge of the work programs and lack of experience in trading with financial instruments and especially understanding of how the financial system work and how money is created.

Suppose a leverage of 10:1, which means that the trader can make a copy of each sale transaction with 10 times the amount of money the investor has in his bank account. Let’s say the investor has 20 Million Euros, so the Trader can work with 200M Euros. Now let’s assume that the Trader is able to make a purchase and sale transactions per day for 4 days a week for 40 banking weeks, and that the benefit is 10% for each sale transaction. That makes 10% x 4 = 40%, and the multiplier effect of the gain will be 10 times higher, that is to say 400% per week.
Then, this return will be divided between the investor and the Trader or Trading Group, but the final net return to investors will remain a double-digit weekly performance! Also, note that the above example can still be considered conservative because, the leverage can be higher, the trader can get a much larger margin for each transaction, and a higher number of transactions will improve the final performance.

Additional Information

We facilitate secured Private Placement Programs in direct cooperation with platform program managers and providers. Contracts are provided to high net worth clients. Your investments remain under your control guaranteed and safe guarded during the contract period. If you want to place funds into a Private Placement Program (PPP) we can help you. Although you must be invited to join; these lucrative programs offer a safe and secure means of multiplying your wealth. Begin in a short time, typically just 72 hours after verification of received documents and due diligence process.

Requirement to enter Trade

If the investor can produce good collateral such as BG, MTN etc, then upon acceptance, he can participate. This service is provided to Owner of funds – Cash (Block Fund), Principal of Cash Backed Bank Instruments – BG, SBLC, MTN.

You can enter the trade with CASH placement or Bank Instrument Placement. The Bank Instruments must be CASH BACKED and must be verified as an asset that can be used in trade.

For all bank instruments on Euro Clear & DTCC, the investor need to do swift MT542 to the trader and for bank instruments that are held in banks, the investor must do swift MT760 to the lender’s bank for asset verifications etc, the MT760 must be per the trader’s verbiage. (We will be glad to provide the MT760 Verbiage when needed).

*In the event a BG are leased, Then an Authority to verify form are authorised to verify BG with Provider bank are issued to Lender’s/Traders bank.

We conduct preliminary Due Diligence using Traders Compliance Standards; upon successful review, we will send them to the Traders for their Checks

Documents to be presented by the investor for Due Diligence/Checks are as follows:

(1). COMPLIANCE PACKAGE (Board Resolution, CIS, Authority to verify form, we will send to you the document upon your request/LOI)

(2). FPA – NCND (We will send to you after you return the furnished compliance package)

(3). Scan Passport Copy (must be in color) (To be Submitted along CIS)

(4). Screenshot, or Scan copy of Bank Instrument / Bank Instrument Registered No confirmed by Issuing Bank Provider – (Get from your bank / BG provider).

Send an email to support team to request for full brochure with Procedure.

Program Flow/Steps:

1st stage

Client Information Sheet (CIS). A client must first submit the CIS with a scan copy of the bank instrument for investors using Bank Instruments or Proof of Fund for Investors using Cash, to even be considered for the opportunity. The CIS helps the platform screen out those who may have fraudulent assets or clients with criminal background as neither of these will be cases, will result in a successful trade. Furthermore, the Instruments (Cash Backed) must be verified as an asset that can be used in trade.
2nd stage

Compliance Process: After CIS is send, a compliance process is undertaken where the platform conducts due diligence to ensure the validity and character of the client in depth.
3rd stage

Contract: After Due Diligence is performed by the trading platform, a contract is issued.

Generally, this is where arrogant clients stop as many believe they are above the trader and can negotiate terms. Furthermore, some clients will turn to their attorneys for advice which is futile as most lawyers do not understand the industry and have not been exposed to a real platform.

4th stage

Official signing of contract: If contract terms are agreed upon, both the private placement trader and high net worth client sign the agreement, hence “closing the deal.” At this point a client must follow through with the transaction without hesitation or he/she risks never being allowed in the private placement program trade again. The client will be labelled as a “nonperformer” and may at this point become blacklisted.

5th stage

Banking stage: Next, the client contacts their provider or their bank to initiate the private placement transaction, which includes blocking the funds/assets or conditionally assigning or transferring funds in favour of the trader.

Using a top Provider or issuers with a large amount of assets helps as 100M up to $1B in Bank Guarantee/funds are required to activate line of credit with traders bank, we prefer to use our providers with world top 20 banks.

6th stage (72 HRS)

Line of credit established. The client’s funds or Bank Instrument will be used to draw a line of

credit (LOC) for trade.

7th stage (IMMEDIATE)

Trader bank receives and exchanges BG. After acquiring the LOC, the trader will then identify his exit buyers before purchasing the banking instrument (medium term note, bank guarantee, or other) to trade. The high net worth individual will then receive profits on a scheduled basis for usually a period of 40 weeks, although different payment terms may be made.

Send an email to support team to request for full brochure with Procedure.