Investment Funding

What is investment funding?
Investment funding is the capital provided by the private and government organizations to the SMEs and start ups, for investment purposes. Investment funding is a risky decision as the investor may have to incur severe losses from failure of the project.

We have Private Investors, banks, Institutional Investors who are seeking for viable projects and investment to finance. Funding are provided across sectors with particular focus on Real Estate and commercial Developments, Energy producing projects with particular focus on Renewable energy.

Our ethos as professional investors can be summarized by these key points:

We are active managers – we seek to add maximum value for our investors by running high-conviction portfolios.

Risk matters – we are mindful of investment risk and seek to add value efficiently by carefully monitoring the funds against their risk profiles.

We’re style neutral – we look for opportunities to make profits for our investors, rather than tying ourselves to a single investment style, such as value, growth, momentum etc.

We use multi-factor analysis – we use all tools at our disposal to help us make rounded decisions – fundamentals, valuations, technicals and sentiment.

We’re responsible investors – ethical investing and an active approach to governance is not only good ‘corporate citizenship’, it’s also good investment practice and keeps companies focused on their shareholders.

We are team players – there’s no ‘star manager’ culture at HICL Securities Limited; we make the views of all our people count.

Debate enhances decisions – through our team approach, we encourage our people to challenge each other’s views, making for more-robust decision making.