BG | SBLC Monetization

HICL Securities are experts in the monetization of Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other financial instruments. We are partners with lenders, issuers and funders globally who offer a complete range of non-recourse and recourse funding and trade programs. Loan funds must be secured against cash backed Guarantees. BG or SBLC.

BGs and SBLCs can be Monetized for:

1.) Cash

2.) Placed into Trade Programs (PPP Private Placement Programs) or a Hybrid of Immediate Cash and funds in a Trade Program.

BG and SBLCs that can be Monetized include:

  • Top 25 Bank BG and SBLC
  • A+ Rated Bank Guarantee, Bonds
  • Instruments with a value OVER EUR/USD 5 million
  • MUST have at least 11 months prior to expiry
  • Monetization typically takes 10 days and returns are between 85% – 95% LTV Recourse; For Non-Recourse contact our support team.

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