No Risk Lease Procedures

Please select one of the buttons below specific to your inquiry whether for Bank Instruments or a Private Placement Program procedures.

    • Go to the Helios Investments Contact Page and click on “Bank Instrument Contact Form”, fill in, and  Submit
    • Within 24 hours a representative will contact you by phone or email to discuss your inquiry, services available, and fees.
    • Receive an Application and return with business articles, copies of Resolution, picture identification, bank statements, etc
    • Buyer requirements is established, Provider/Seller draws up contracts and both parties (Provider and Client) will lodge the executed contract to their respective banks.
    • Provider/Seller will send bank form and Facilitation Agreement to Buyer to fill and sign and retune back to Seller to issue and deliver successfully by SWIFT the bank instrument from the Issuing Bank
    • Client executes the Facilitation agreement and wires Bank Transmission fees.
    • Upon confirmation of Transmission fees/charges by Issuing bank; Issuing Bank will send to the Client’s Receiving Bank an MT799 or RWA letter confirming that they are ready, willing, and able to proceed with issuing the MT760 bank instrument.
    • Client’s Bank will reply by email to Issuing Bank confirming that they are ready to proceed and confirm their SWIFT Coordinates;
    • Issuing Bank will transmit the SWIFT MT760 bank instrument, per the approved “Sample Verbiage” submitted by the Client/Buyer to Provider/Seller.
    • Upon successful transmission, confirmation of receipt, and acceptance of the SWIFT MT760 by the Client/Buyer’s Bank, Provider/Seller will give Buyer 5 Banking days to pay Seller total fees and broker fees.